Hi, hello and greetings – Welcome to Gemzic.com!

My name is Sue and this website is dedicated to bringing you the best in jewelry. From all kinds of shiny things to useful guides and interesting information, I hope to have you covered.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved looking at nice sparkly rings and bracelets, whether in shops or browsing through magazines (no internet then lol). If it glittered, it caught my eye.

Price didn’t really matter either, from expensive diamonds to colorful costume jewelry, I just loved it. The style and glamour associated with luxurious gold and diamonds, looking at models and film stars, imagining owning some of those beautiful pieces. Pure heaven!

I spent some time working on a cruise ship where I was able to indulge myself, spending time drooling, I mean trying on various jewelry pieces! I learned a lot there about gold and other metals as well as about designer watch brands that sold like hotcakes. One momento from those days is my 14K necklace with cruise ship charm – the Jubilee, from Carnival Cruise Lines.

14K cruise ship charm
Cruise Ship Charm

Although I had a love of jewelry, it didn’t occur to me to turn that passion into a business. I never thought of becoming a jewelry designer – it was something for other people. To start or own a jewelry business was something I never even contemplated. I figured it was out of my league. But over the years, I’ve never lost my interest and it’s always the section I go to in shops or browsing online.

Fast forward to online shopping days and having learned many skills over the past number of years including putting a website together, I’m finally able to combine my passion for jewelry with my love of online marketing, to bring you Gemzic.com.

With so many, many jewelry designers and brands out there, I thought why not make a website that will showcase the amazing talents of some of these brands and designers.

I find it difficult sometimes to find exactly what I’m looking for online, despite the number of websites available. So instead of looking in just one jeweler’s window, I hope to shine a light on many offerings out there – from online jewelry sites to bricks and mortar businesses, big brands as well as independent sellers.

I hope you like this site and you find some useful tips and information to help you with your next jewelry purchase. Happy browsing!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, ideas or feedback.